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I screamed my heart out

Nothing is better than a random weekend getaway to London….and screaming your heart out during a roller coaster ride!

For no obvious reasons, my friend(Read : Puterin) and I decided to go to London last weekend, and we had the best weekend of our life(minus the long and never ending walking!).

01 December 2017

We started our journey on Friday, boarded the National Express bus to Victoria Coach Station in the afternoon, and arrived in London at around 5pm local time.


When we arrived, it was freezing cold but the journey was smooth Alhamdulillah. We parted ways at the Victoria Coach Station as we were going to spend our nights in London separately 😦  I went to Kings Cross Station, where Dania(my college friend) was waiting for me(aww such a sweet girl, I owe you a lot!).

I brought a luggage with me so it was kinda inconvenient to move around with it, therefore I decided to left it at my friend’s house, at which I stayed at for the whole weekend(bless you guys!) before I continue my plan for the night.

Our(read : me and Dania) first stop for the night was a casual meet up with my ex high school senior, Izz Yusuf at a nearby cafe. If I were to describe Izz in one word, it would be incredible because that’s what she really is.

From a recent graduation in the US, to a Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship and then enrolling for a program of Master in Psychology at UCL, she has definitely gained a lot of accomplishments! We didn’t really have a proper conversation when we were in high school because I was that nerdy and insecure girl who didn’t have enough courage to come up and talk to her 😜.

She, on the other hand was the confident and always top in the class kinda girl, phew 😍. We had a quick but funny catch up session together with Dania, sharing about things we were up to now, and how we deal with our new life. It ended with a quick photo session!

Quick family photo


Pretty girls!

Dania and I then proceeded to the highlight of our night, which is the Winter Wonderland! We laughed a lot and had the best time of our night here, thanks to the roller coaster ride 🀣. We arrived at WW at around 08:45pm and straight away bought churros because we were so hungry!

We met a few of our college friends, but didn’t manage to take any pictures together, because we were rushing for our ride lol. The ride was….crazy for me, but funny for Dania! She started screaming even when the ride hasn’t even started 😌(okay tapi I teruk lagi, I mengaku haha). I was so nervous, so I totally forgot to keep my beanie, and instead I was wearing it at the start of the ride.

Halfway through the ride, I realized it flew away, because of the crazy wind. I was frantically running my hands on my head, because I realized it wasn’t there anymore. It was then that I heard the guy behind me said “I have your hat!(while laughing)”. Thank you πŸ˜­πŸ’―

All these pictures ; credit to my friends, Puterin & Dini.


You take such great pictures, Dini.


Our roller coaster ride!


Never riding you ever again!!
tamak =.=

That smile!

Banana & Nutella crepe
Makan pun cantik
That happy smile
Pretty as always!


02 December 2017

We started our day with a brunch at a really cute, small, but classy Korean restaurant near Oxford Street called Seoul Bakery. My friend, Dini suggested the place because she had tried it before with her friends, and they loved it.The wall was filled with signatures and warm wishes from previous customers who visited the place, and it looked so pretty to me. I ordered Kimchi fried rice(Β£5.50) and it tasted fabulous! Puterin and Dini on the other hand ordered Ramyeon(kan? lol).

After we were done eating, we went to visit the merchandise store downstairs, which was filled with gifts from popular Kpop bands, like EXO, BTS and Twice(and many more!), but it was so expensive.

Pretty Dini



Kimchi Fried Rice


Tbh I have no idea who Jimin is

The rest of the day was honestly just us walking along the Oxford Street, shopping and playing around lol. There were so many people, but we managed to hang on to each other. There was a sad but funny story that happened to us, halfway through our journey, when we walked out of one of the shops, it was snowing outside! We got so happy, but we also secretly doubt if it was a real snow. It turned out, that it was a fake snow from one of the shops, sabar Dini πŸ˜‚.

Muka happy shopping


Selfie at random shop, things we do lol
Busy woman
Do you think this suits her?
Or this?
Loved this!

After the adventurous walk we went through, we decided to have our dinner at Roti King, a really really popular restaurant for their Roti Canai(say it right! haha). We met two of our college friends here(but we don’t have picture of them unfortunately, sorry Bakul & Dobbs!), waited for about 20 minutes just to get our seats in the restaurant but the food was worth the wait though. I had Roti Telur(Β£3.50) while my friends had Roti Pisang and Roti Canai(Β£5 for 2). I love the interior design of this shop!

The wall though!
Ft Dobbs’ teh tarik
Dinner with you πŸ™‚

03 December 2017

We have to go back at around 11am from the Victoria Coach Station so there wasn’t much that we did in London for this day, considering the fact that I also woke up late that morning hehe! We decided to go and take a picture at this lovely bakery shop, Peggy Porschen Cakes. They changed the decoration of the entrance of the bakery as it is approaching Christmas now, and it was so beautiful I feel like bringing them back to Southampton, haha! There was even a long line in front of the bakery, phew.

I personally love this photo
And this one too
Okay…I might as well like this one too!
Fine…you can photobomb us…



The decoration itself!!

And before we even realize it, it is already time to go back πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Thanks London & everyone who is a part of this weekend journey πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§!

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Weekend in Southampton πŸ’–


I started my Sunday with a morning jog, about 5 km around my neighborhood just to make my last day of weekend this week much more effective.





You didn’t think I was serious, do you? Haha. I was just joking! That beautiful picture was taken by my friend, earlier this morning, while she was on her way to the university library. Obviously, I started my morning with by lazy-ing around..

I honestly had a hard time trying to put into words what I did today, because it was so fun, and so memorable, at least for me 😜

My housemates and I decided to go for a picnic at Southampton Common today. Southampton Common is a beautiful park near our house, which has a playground and a freaking beautiful lake! We wanted to celebrate our friend’s birthday in advance, and the mesmerizing place definitely became a plus point for the occasion.

Found a bench perfect for a picture!
We found a cool playground and decided to have our picnic at one of the tables there.


Things we bought from Tesco lol

All of these tastes so good! We brought Cod Fishcakes(it’s appearance is a little bit of a mess because I ruined it hahaha), strawberry trifles, iced doughnuts and chocolate & vanila cheesecake(which was amazing).


Took a few pictures while we were at the park.


After that, we went ICE SKATING!!! It was at West Quay, and it costs us Β£11.50(approximately equals to MYR 63) for each person.  This is my first time skating, and I have to say, that it was a whole lot of fun. 10/10 would want to do it again. 50% of the time I was just holding on to the rail because I was so not confident on skating by my own, but towards the end,  I kinda improved myself(with the help of my friend)…..though not very much still haha πŸŒžπŸ˜†


Later on today, my friend and I went to watch Flatliners movie at the university cinema for only Β£3(we got an early bird ticket, this is about MYR16.50). It was our first time to the cinema and we enjoyed the movie so much. I screamed for a few times throughout the movie. You guys should definitely try watching it! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
And that’s how we spent our weekend. I am so sleepy right now, hope you guys like this post! Kinda indulging you guys with pictures this time around, will write more soon.


How did you spend your weekend?


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My decent UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Room Tour


but here I am writing another post for my blog. Gosh, this thing is so addictive. In my previous post, I did say I was going to show you guys an updated version of my room, after all the cleaning and re-arranging processes, so voila!, here we are!

Have you Β ever seen a blog version of room tour? Me neither. I am always on Youtube watching people’s updated room tour, and believe me, mine isn’t gonna be as fancy as theirs hahaha.

Do you know that sometimes you get this really good vibe about a room the moment you enter it? That’s exactly what I felt about my room, not because it’s perfect, it’s just for how it is. I definitely miss the one that I have in Malaysia!

My queen sized bed

This is what you’ll see when you enter the room, my queen sized bed(or double bed? whatever you prefer to call it). I really loved the color combination. I purposely went for a white duvet(a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fibre, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets)Β cover, because I do not fancy printed covers. I also love the design of the bed runner, it is simple yet it blends in well.


Opposite of the bed, I have this medium sized clothing rack which is seriously useful.

Most of the times, I hang my laundry here and sometimes when I feel energized to be much more organized, I hang all of my winter/summer coats here because I brought a lot of them from Malaysia and they do not fit in the closet.

I am not sure if you can spot it in this picture but next to the clothing rack is an Ikea study lamp, which is given by my Dad, I love the fact that it is white, so it matches perfectly well with everything.


Next to my bed, I have my decent sized study table. Normally, it is not this neat, so please know that I cleaned it for the sake of this blog post 🀣


I got my calendars all sorted out up until December this year, because I am a forgetful person, mind me. I also pasted my syllabus outline just in case I lost track of what I learned and what am I going to learn next.

That really cute large mug(I don’t really know if this correct) is from Whittard of Chelsea, which is a really cool place for fancy teas and coffees.

(You can click on the link to check out their website!) Their products gets really cheap when it is on offer.

Moving on to my favorite place in my room! I honestly have a bunch of asian cosmetics that I brought all the way from home, thus I do not plan to buy a lot from here, but I did buy some(duh, I am a shopaholic woman, help me).

I brought that tissue cover from Malaysia, it was from my sister’s wedding.

The right photo consists of all the makeups that I wear on a daily basis. I stopped wearing foundation for few weeks now, because I realized that it clogged my pores so badly that I got a lot of acne afterwards(even when I put primer/moisturiser on beforehand).

So now, I just wear some brow products, sunscreen and lipstick! Gosh I feel much more comfortable.

My skin feel so much better without foundation! But I do plan to wear them when I have big events, just to make a full formal look on me.


Next to my window, I have a bunch of cute stuffs just to make it not look too empty and dull. Those pictures are from weddings I went to right before I came to the UK, so it is still kinda new.


I got those red candles from Ikea for Β£2 if I am not mistaken, and they smell amazing, trust me! That tea jug is from my mom, she got it from a Carboot Sale in Portsmouth.

It is getting really cold now here in Southampton but whenever I wake up in the morning, I always open up my window for a while just to let the fresh air circulates in the room because the room can get really stuffy in the morning.


Bought this from Primark as a perfume for my room, and I don’t regret doing that because my room smells so good from it.

But I guess this was kinda expensive but I was desperate on finding the perfect perfume, so do comment if you have any suggestion for room spray!


If you know me from highschool, you are probably used to the fact that I constantly change my bags!, and I got a heap amount of them.

I just tucked them here, because I couldn’t bother thinking of arranging it nicely, lol. My favorite is the Reebok bag because it is so adventurous and I can just sumbat anything I want to bring inside without it getting bulgy.

So here is the last part of my room, this cute closet. I got that ‘One Week Plan’ from my friend, which I should probably use, but I haven’t started doing so……

If you are planning to move to the UK, you probably shouldn’t bring this much of clothes like what I did because my closet can’t fit any more additional clothes.

I brought like 6 coats with me, and some jumpers. Wanted to make the arrangement of my clothes color coordinated but it is not a success, as you can see.

I just brought a good amount of hijab with me, and those are the one I took from my sister, hehehe.(that’s what sisters are for)

Thanks for reading, till then, XX.

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First Month in UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Salam everyone! It has been one month since I arrived in the UK(God it felt like years now!!), but I haven’t properly share my experience here. 

I got some free time now, thus I thought this can be a good time to write in this blog, which I truly miss to be honest. 

Generally, my life here is amazing, far beyond my expectations, Alhamdulillah! It has been one month, yet I have learnt more new stuffs than I ever had(what living in a foreign country did to you, duh).

 I got some new friends from lectures and tutorials(which are sweet and nice!) , not to forget my housemates which have really helpful at times when I got so messed up, hahaha.

Lets just start from the very beginning of everything,

19th September 2017

I arrived in London Gatwick Airport (LGW) at around 2035 hrs, it was pretty cold and as you can see, I got so much stuffs with me! 

The immigration scene was kinda funny, because I was put on hold at the counter and was asked to stand aside to which I was clueless why.

 Started feeling anxious cause I thought there was something wrong with my Visa(ahhhh!!), but apparently it was because my name is similar to a Wanted criminal so they wanted to clarify with the police.

 Omg??? Man I gotta change my name πŸ˜‚

20th September 2017 

Moved in my house in Southampton and heck, this day was really tiring but satisfying!

 These were pictures I took when I first came to the house, everything is still all over the place, I will show you guys an updated version of my room(if I found any lol). 

When I first entered my room, I really loved it! It has a size that’s perfect for me to live in, I love the queen sized bed and all the furnitures that came along with it. Couldn’t be happier,guys.

22 September 2017

At this time, class hasn’t started so we took this chance to take a tour around our campus, which is really big! 

I am studying Psychology at Southampton, my faculty is about 10 minutes of leisure walking from my house, perfect! 

I tend to pick some free stuffs from the my faculty’s student office every now and then πŸ˜‚ 

Suprisingly, I do not have any class at this Psychology building, though I did participate in some psychological experiments here. 

Most of my classes are in completely different places!

23 September 2017 

We had a Maybank meeting(I am sponsored by Maybank scholarship) in London today! So Sue(my housemate and I) had a quick London tour and visit. 

It was really worth it because although we only went for a short while, we visited fair amount of places and met some of our friends in London. 

Both of us stayed at The Corus Hotel which was provided by Maybank.

Anddddddddd, the highlight of this trip for me is the unexpected visit to Peggy Porschen Cakes which is just a stone throw away from Victoria’s Station.

 I have been wanting to come to this place earlier this year because I saw Asma Nasa ‘s instagram post, but I didn’t know the place so it was just a thought that went by.

But trust me, the place looks so much nicer and live-lier in real life πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ’– The cakes were kinda too sweet for me( because I don’t really fancy sweet stuffs, like chocolates etc), but the presentation was so nice! 

We also visited the Buckingham Palace(but didn’t manage to watch the change of guards’ ceremony because apparently it was cancelled that day!), ate at Malaysian Hall Canteen(but didn’t took a picture of the food because we were so freaking hungry), and also shopping at Oxford Street.

26th September 2017 

 Came back to Portsmouth(where my sister is staying), and celebrated my mom’s birthday. 

We went to a really amazing steak place, which was suggested by my sister. We had a great evening, and definitely a full one. 

Can’t really remember, but I reckon this is my first time eating steak lol.

28th September 2017 

This day was indeed an amazing day because I had a really great time with my mom and my friend. In the morning, I met my KMB friend, Aina. (I was in KMB for a month before I entered KYUEM, both places meant so much to me πŸ’–) 

We had a quick catching up session before I went to join my mom and Maryam(my 4 year old niece which I also refer as my lil sister because she look and act exactly how I did 16 years ago haha, and also partly because I wanted a little sister so bad ever since I was a kid), to go to GoSport which is like a Langkawi in Kedah except it is much smaller than Langkawi.

All in all, that was the highlight of my first month in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§! If you actually read all the way till here

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Green Velvet Cake Recipe

So green

If this is want you intend to bake, then please continue reading this post! πŸ™‚

I made a few changes, so the real recipe might slightly vary from what I did, also after few research(browsing through youtube videos and cake articles), I find out that, recipes from the west tend to include lots of ingredients,

probably the reason why their Green Velvet looks more green and fresh(things they added such as vinegar and colorings), nonetheless, my recipe for Green Velvet works just fine, and the most important thing is that it is SIMPLE!
Simple is life. (Motto of my life)


– Red Velvet Cake Mix (500 gm) (unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of this and I can’t seem to find it anywhere online, you can buy them from any cake stores, just say the name gurll)

– Water (100 gm)

– Oil, I used Daisy Corn oil, I guess any corn oil would be fine (175 gm).

– Eggs (200 gm) , this is approximately 3 eggs.


1. Mix all the ingredients at low speed for about +/- 3 minutes.

2. Bake in the oven at 190 degrees Celcius for about 30 minutes( Bear in mind that you should Preheat the oven first for about 15 minutes at the same degrees Celcius )


– Cream cheese (125 gm) (you can buy this from any cake ingredients store)

– Pettina cheese cake mix (180 gm) (you can buy this from any cake ingredients store)

– Whipping cream (250 gm) (I used the Anchor brand merely because they have a pack which complements the 250gm, thus I dont have to buy so many of them! )


1. Beat the Cream cheese & Pettina Cheese Cake Mix for about 4 minutes on low speed.

2. Add whipping cream, then beat for another 3 minutes.

3. Apply the filling on the cake surface.Β 

Voila, there you go! πŸ™‚ I did a layered Green Velvet Cake therefore, when the cake mixture is done, I put them into 2 cake pans of equal size. And when they are ready, I apply the frosting in the middle of the cake, SO I TECHNICALLY GOT A DOUBLE LAYERED GREEN VELVET CAKE πŸŽ‚

when this post is written, I haven’t cut my cake, so I can’t show to you guys yet, will update this post soon.

Goodluck people!! Do leave comments if you have any questions ❀

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Maybank Scholarship 2015 ( Interview )

During the Award Ceremony 😁

Salam! Things have been pretty hectic and Im so exhausted about basically everything and yeah, it challenged my mind and actions as well. Okay cut the crap, Im here to share with all Malaysians adik kakak uncle abang about something that might help you in your future career.

If you haven’t been through things that Im going to share then goodluck and do the best, if you did then correct me if Im wrong.

So straight away after the SPM result were announced, I sent the Maybank application(you can download the form from the net).

2 weeks or so after that, I received an email for the assessment invitation. Bear in mind that these assessments were answered online. So in case you were wondering about things that should be studied and considered for the exams, I would recommend you to google everything about verbal exams and numerical reasoning.

You might want to use the calculator, but believe me you got wayyyy no time for that because of the time constrains. Basic in mathematics is really needed and other than that, just answer with you heart :). Don’t be nervous and don’t kalut sampai answer everything wrongly.

Remember that eventhough you answered all of the questions, people with the highest marks will be called for the next stage. So relax and do it nicely.

After answering and tawakkal, 2 weeks after that or so as I couldnt remember it correctly, I got called for the next stage which was the individual interview. Usually, the person who called you will say that they will send the email in a few moments but basically that doesn’t happen to me. So what you need to do if this happens to you, is to get to know any of your friends who got the email, and ask them to screen capture it for you, so that you can call the Maybank number that was stated in the email and ask them to send it to you. Well that’ll work anyhow.

And yes, Im certainly not the right person to be so ready for interview and so perfect for that, but anyway Im ready to help!  As for the second stage, you will be called for the interview at the nearest Maybank office. As for me, I went for the interview in Penang. Some of my friends went for the interview in Menara Maybank KL. So yeah, it’s all over Malaysia.

When going for the second stage, always imagine that you are the one giving the scholarship. Let’s just say that you are the interviewer, would you recommend participants that know nothing about Maybank to go to the third stage? Im sure your answer is a big NO. So you got the answer aitee, read everything about Maybank, basic things will be good. The CEO, CFO, founder and etc. Questions like these are really crucial at times. Other that that, its all about yourself, make sure you have a target for your future, what you want to pursue, your dream, your passion, and your future life.

Simple things are important things. Don’t be nervous because honestly the interviewers were awesome, they were relaxed really. I hope this post helps, till I write again!  If you are unclear about anything, just comment below. πŸ™‚