Get to Know Me

This picture is gold, because even my brother in law is looking at the camera, lol.

Hi there, welcome to Miracle.

Thanks for coming by here, I really appreciate your visit!

My name is Fatini Rahim but you can call me nini if you wish. I’m 20 years old and I just started my undergraduate degree at Southampton University in BSc Psychology, and I absolutely love it! I took A Level in Malaysia at Kolej Yayasan UEM for 2 years. I started writing blog ever since I was in primary school, which is approximately 10 years ago. I wasn’t really active back then, but now I decided to go all out on this passion. I write whenever I feel motivated, happy, or even dissapointed. Usually at times when I feel stressed out and sad, I can produce the most motivational posts of all time. Haha, the irony.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be different from anyone else. Be it my appearance or my accomplishments. I am always motivated to reach the stars, regardless of what situation I am in. This explains why I chose Psychology as my degree though my siblings are all Medical doctors! If you think being different depresses you, you’re wrong! It makes you stronger, really.

Feel free to explore my blog, if you are here to read about what I compiled as my Interview experiences, please click the Tab above.

Do drop any comments or suggestions for me to improve my blog, stay classy!

If you read through till this point, thank you so much, you made me feel motivated to write more, I really appreciate your kindness!

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