PNB Scholarship Test 2015

This is a note written on 6th of April 2015 which is a tip I got from a friend of mine studying in the same college as mine(I am not one of the PNB Scholar so I assisted her πŸ˜‚)  

: I think the essay task differs every year but still within the typical type of essays they would ask. When I went for mine, the questions were something like if you were given a scholarship in a course that you didnt apply for, would you accept and why. The second one was how would past experience help you in being a leader at PNB or smth like that. Coincidentally the people who also went for the essay and the interview, got a placement in PNB.(Note that you will only have to go through this essay+interview if you pass the IQ test stage aka First stage). Best of luck ❀️❀️ from nini
Assalamualaikum and hello readers! I started thinking how lame all my posts are since all of it are regarding things like these, but anyhow that’s just how I am πŸŽ…

I was thinking that my chances of getting this scholarship is even thinner than iPhone 6, so I might as well help people to get this scholarship by sharing what I went through, well at least I benefit other people πŸ˜‚

So here we go, I sent in the application form a few days after 3rd March and Alhamdulillah with God’s will, PNB called me a few weeks later to undergo a test as one of the scholarship requirements. Thinking about test, and well you know how people and tests don’t get along really well ☺️☺️

But anyway I thought that I might as well want to give it a try! So 15th April, at Tunku Bainun’s College, the war begin. But they made it according to zones, so I was thinking the candidates invited for tests must be so many, and well in a large number. My test was at 10:30 am until 12:00 pm.

I arrived a little bit early, well, my father and I thought that we’re among the early birds, but that thought was so no true as a lot of people have already gathered outside Hajjah Rohani Hall. The thing about things like this is that people tend to arrive so early it makes me wonder don’t they eat their breakfast? What time did they woke up? Okay enough on that. So basically the test is divided into 3 sections. The name of the test is Critical Reasoning Test Battery. Well, I don’t even know if I got that right πŸ™ˆ

The first one was Verbal Evaluation. You will be given a few sets of passages and questions regarding the passage. Well, reading might be something easy but if it involves high level of English and short amount of time to evaluate, you might have to think twice. But anyhow if you relax than you’ll be okay.

The next one is Mathematical Reasoning. For this one, you will need to have a really strong Mathematics basics. Because its like Addmaths and Modern Maths combined altogether, but if you practice more on this, you’ll get the idea of the questions no worries.

And last but not least, Diagram questions. This one is an IQ test and well, it’s really hard for me 😿😿  If you’re not a genius that you might want to practice more on these type of questions. 20 minutes will be given for each tests, and the number of questions varies, some might have 18,30 or even 40 questions.

The result will be announce in a month time. I hope everything goes well, but again Im stating that my chances are small.

Wish you guys all the best!  Leave any comments if you have any questions 😘😘

Global Leadership 2015 (MARA-IIM)

Assalamualaikum ya habibi ya maulana.

Yeay Im finally home after 5 days of tiring activities and endless exhausting actions ( well, Im good in over acting I suppose ). I was basically doing nothing at home, well that is not correct because Im eating like a maniac who haven’t seen food for months, and Im currently working as an Indonesian maid in my own house, that sums up my amazing holidays event. Im sure you guys cant beat that :p So I joined this camp, which I thought was quite cool realizing how I’ve been a couch potato, and yes it was worth joining for.

My team members. Well, sorry guys this is the only perfect photo of you guys :p We picked rubbish along Pulau Betong, so upon seeing food we just can’t hold ourselves anymore. Thank you villagers!
Pulau Betong Mission!
Pulau Betong Mission!
Jejaka kacak bergaya :P
Jejaka kacak bergaya πŸ˜›
My team members eventhough penat and sleepy, still manage to put on our best smile!
My team members eventhough penat and sleepy, still manage to put on our best smile!
Zharfan and Mun and the other one I dont know his name :)
Zharfan and Mun and the other one I dont know his name πŸ™‚
My flawless facilitator mate from MJSC Kuantan, Intan
My flawless facilitator mate from MJSC Kuantan, Intan
Caption not available for them.
Caption not available for them.
Semua muka tak pernah jumpa ikan :)
Semua muka tak pernah jumpa ikan πŸ™‚
Thank u Balik Pulau!
Thank u Balik Pulau!

Maybank Scholarship 2015 ( Interview )

During the Award Ceremony 😁

Assalamualaikum ya habibi ya maulana. Things have been pretty hectic and Im so exhausted about basically everything and yeah, it challenged my mind and actions as well. Okay cut the crap, Im here to share with all Malaysians adik kakak uncle abang about something that might help you in your future career.

If you haven’t been through things that Im going to share then goodluck and do the best, if you did then correct me if Im wrong.

So straight away after the SPM result were announced, I sent the Maybank application(you can download the form from the net).

2 weeks or so after that, I received an email for the assessment invitation. Bear in mind that these assessments were answered online. So in case you were wondering about things that should be studied and considered for the exams, I would recommend you to google everything about verbal exams and numerical reasoning.

You might want to use the calculator, but believe me you got wayyyy no time for that because of the time constrains. Basic in mathematics is really needed and other than that, just answer with you heart :). Don’t be nervous and don’t kalut sampai answer everything wrongly.

Remember that eventhough you answered all of the questions, people with the highest marks will be called for the next stage. So relax and do it nicely.

After answering and tawakkal, 2 weeks after that or so as I couldnt remember it correctly, I got called for the next stage which was the individual interview. Usually, the person who called you will say that they will send the email in a few moments but basically that doesn’t happen to me. So what you need to do if this happens to you, is to get to know any of your friends who got the email, and ask them to screen capture it for you, so that you can call the Maybank number that was stated in the email and ask them to send it to you. Well that’ll work anyhow.

And yes, Im certainly not the right person to be so ready for interview and so perfect for that, but anyway Im ready to help!  As for the second stage, you will be called for the interview at the nearest Maybank office. As for me, I went for the interview in Penang. Some of my friends went for the interview in Menara Maybank KL. So yeah, it’s all over Malaysia.

When going for the second stage, always imagine that you are the one giving the scholarship. Let’s just say that you are the interviewer, would you recommend participants that know nothing about Maybank to go to the third stage? Im sure its wayyy no. So you got the answer aitee, read everything about Maybank, basic things will be good. The CEO, CFO, founder and etc. Questions like these are really crucial at times. Other that that, its all about yourself, make sure you have a target for your future, what you want to pursue, your dream, your passion, and your future life.

Simple things are important things. Don’t be nervous because honestly the interviewers were awesome, they were relaxed really. I hope this post helps, till I write again!  If you are unclear about anything, just comment below. πŸ™‚