Maybank Scholarship 2015 ( Interview )

During the Award Ceremony 😁

Salam! Things have been pretty hectic and Im so exhausted about basically everything and yeah, it challenged my mind and actions as well. Okay cut the crap, Im here to share with all Malaysians adik kakak uncle abang about something that might help you in your future career.

If you haven’t been through things that Im going to share then goodluck and do the best, if you did then correct me if Im wrong.

So straight away after the SPM result were announced, I sent the Maybank application(you can download the form from the net).

2 weeks or so after that, I received an email for the assessment invitation. Bear in mind that these assessments were answered online. So in case you were wondering about things that should be studied and considered for the exams, I would recommend you to google everything about verbal exams and numerical reasoning.

You might want to use the calculator, but believe me you got wayyyy no time for that because of the time constrains. Basic in mathematics is really needed and other than that, just answer with you heart :). Don’t be nervous and don’t kalut sampai answer everything wrongly.

Remember that eventhough you answered all of the questions, people with the highest marks will be called for the next stage. So relax and do it nicely.

After answering and tawakkal, 2 weeks after that or so as I couldnt remember it correctly, I got called for the next stage which was the individual interview. Usually, the person who called you will say that they will send the email in a few moments but basically that doesn’t happen to me. So what you need to do if this happens to you, is to get to know any of your friends who got the email, and ask them to screen capture it for you, so that you can call the Maybank number that was stated in the email and ask them to send it to you. Well that’ll work anyhow.

And yes, Im certainly not the right person to be so ready for interview and so perfect for that, but anyway Im ready to help!  As for the second stage, you will be called for the interview at the nearest Maybank office. As for me, I went for the interview in Penang. Some of my friends went for the interview in Menara Maybank KL. So yeah, it’s all over Malaysia.

When going for the second stage, always imagine that you are the one giving the scholarship. Let’s just say that you are the interviewer, would you recommend participants that know nothing about Maybank to go to the third stage? Im sure your answer is a big NO. So you got the answer aitee, read everything about Maybank, basic things will be good. The CEO, CFO, founder and etc. Questions like these are really crucial at times. Other that that, its all about yourself, make sure you have a target for your future, what you want to pursue, your dream, your passion, and your future life.

Simple things are important things. Don’t be nervous because honestly the interviewers were awesome, they were relaxed really. I hope this post helps, till I write again!  If you are unclear about anything, just comment below. πŸ™‚

54 thoughts on “Maybank Scholarship 2015 ( Interview )

  1. Hello! If it’s not much of a trouble, I have a question. For the overseas scholarship, does it include doing pre-u in malaysia and degree overseas? Thank you so much in advance!

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  2. Hello! If its not troubling, may I ask you what were the questions they asked you in the interview? Do you still remember them? Thank you so much in advance.


  3. Hi, drninie

    May I ask are you required to write an essay for the 2nd round interview? the one after online assessment I mean
    Also, how did you produce your resume? What did you include in it?
    For the 2nd round interview, it is one to one interview, right?
    Any add-ons advice for me? Mine is gonna be this Friday, and incidentally, also in Penang haha

    Really appreciate it if you could share few words. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚


    1. Hello able!
      1) no i was not required to write an essay, it was just a normal iv
      2) i honestly couldnt remember, it was just a normal one, i googled the format haha u can do that too this time around
      3) yup its one to one (study bout maybank! πŸ˜‚)

      Awhh we’re at the same place, gosh i feel so old now cause it has been a year πŸ˜‚ set ur goal, make sure u know which uni u wanna go, why do u have passion in wht u intend to do, study everything bout maybank, their business, the CEOs and stuff(really crucial this one), cause during my time they asked the CEOs name and a lot of us couldnt answer that! Haha. *i googled beforehand so I knew πŸ˜‚

      Always be calm, dont show that ure nrvous eventhough u freaking are πŸ˜… all the best!!!


      1. Thanks drninie for such a helpful reply!

        Did you get the scholarship?

        Also, did you apply for the uni before applying for the scholarship? Becuz I didnt, not quite sure how the system works, will maybank apply for me after obtaining the scholarship?

        P.S Ignore the similar post below, accidentally post again ;p

        Thanks again!


      2. Haha lol, was wondering why there’s similar ques.
        1) i did, i got the overseas scholarship to do psychology course, im now doin my A levels in Kyuem 😊
        2) it goes like this, u apply fr maybank, choose the uni that u want, if u got the scholarship, they will reconfirm with u whether ur uni is approved by them or not. After u finish ur A levels or ausmat ir adfp, ull apply for the uni(ur college will help u , not maybank) 😁


    2. 1) Please accept my congrats for getting the scholarship although it a bit late haha
      So, Maybank will support ur A-levels plus ur degree in psychology?

      2) Did they tell u how long ur bond is gonna be?

      3) For Maybank scholarship, are A-levels, AusMat or Adfp standard courses that we have to take before going into degree?
      Becuz for accounting that I applied, there are also other courses before going into a degree.

      Thanks and sorry for asking so many questions haha
      Really glad I spoke to u. πŸ˜‰


      1. Aww thanks!

        1) yes they will
        2) 5 years
        3) yupp for most of the cases, depends on the country that u applied for, either uk usa or australia
        4) oh i see, no no thats what i know of, it depends on the country that u applied for, but usually if ure doin accts in uk then ull do a levels first.



      2. Ah I see. Clearer picture now.
        Thank you so much for helping me out! Nice to meeting you drninie and wish me luck! haha


  4. Maybank called me yesterday for 2nd round interview after the online assessment. OMG.
    I was wondering maybe you could share more about your 2nd interview experience?
    -Questions they asked?
    -how did you produce your resume? What do you include?
    -any add-ons advice for me?
    -did you get the scholarship?

    I really appreciate it if you could share your experience.


  5. hai kak tini, i was called for my second stage and it was tomorrow!! can i change my preferred course.. i didnt realize that the psychology course was there so i put the law and finance… and, can i change it to oversea scholarship. i am ur kupa junior hye


    1. Hai lolheydreamer 🌞 haha I somehow knew cause U call me ‘kak tini’ πŸ˜‚ wow congrats for passing stage 1, im so proud of yahhh πŸŽ‰ Hurm, im not sure bout that though, u might wanna inform them during the intrview tmorrow, cause usually the one intrviewing u will not be from maybank, they r from other cmpanies(i guess to avoid biasness)

      Oh bout the overseas thingy, nope u can’t change it, its fixed.(from what I know) cause a few of my friends tried to apply for a change but they didnt get it. Best of luck! ❀️


  6. Hi, may I know the date for interview of sponsorship and scholarship are the same? I have been read through quite many replies saying that they got their call to proceed to second stage which is the interview. I am applying for sponsorship and I had submitted the online assessment 2 weeks ago. Nervous whether I will be calling or not.


      1. Haha, thanks for your comfort anyway.. I am worried as I only managed to do 15 questions in the first online assessment so sad T.T


      2. Lol i couldnt remember the total nmber of questions πŸ˜‚ but to be honest, it wasnt the number of questions u managed to answer is the deal, its about how many correct answer u got 🌞


  7. Hi drninie,
    Its me again haha, just went thru my stg2 interview few days ago and thanks to your advice it went pretty smoothly.
    And currently i’m looking forward for stg3!
    Do you mind sharing your experience for your stg 3 interview? Thanks in advance!


    1. Hello there, its basically about individual presentation, you’ll be given a few strategies which u have to choose whats best among them and present ur choice with valid reasons 😊


      1. Owh I see.
        I thought there is a group discussion after the individual presentation?
        Is the topic of the group discussion same as the individual presentation?


    1. Hello nin! Im having my final exam a.k.a uni entrance exam next week, once I got the result, I will have to apply on my own to any uni that I like(with the help of my college) , maybank won’t help me in terms of applying, once uve applied and u got the offer, they will check if the uni is one of their approved uni. ☺️


    1. Hi azrin! 😊 I didn’t apply for it, Maybank applied it for me, they gave our respective colleges after we got our scholarship.
      If you r an MRSM student, then KMB is totally like an MRSM.Its more of a school based, class from 8-4 everyday(cant remember exactly at what time the class ends), baju kurung everyday and kinda strict with the rules. On the other hand, its an Islamic college, good circle of friends, and lots of interesting activities together like dramas, play, charity event to overseas and many more! The teachers were really nice and the facilities were great. (But no wifi in the room only at acad πŸ˜›)


  8. hello , i just received a call frm maybank telling me tht i made to the third stage . can u pass me a piece of advice fr this last satge . my interview is tomorrow . and the called me today 😦


    1. Hi rina! Wow congrats gurl! Haha yeah, things like this happens, it happened to me too for other schlrships, its okay ull do great even with one day notice 😁

      Always be calm, bcs the third stage is kinda tricky. Always try to stand out without forgetting to give chance for others to speak. Im not sure if the module is still the same bcs it varies over the years, but if u r given time to write on the mahjong paper, scan through the notes quickly n jot down ur points fast(as u will be given little time)

      Make sure ur mahjong presentation is neat and is in good order as in u know what ure planning to present.

      During group discussion, point out ur ideas dont be afraid and always be confident! ☺️ goodluck


    2. Hello all the best for your interview.Sis,i would like to ask which state are you from?i attend interview for second stage too so I would like to know whether candidates that have been chosen for stage 3 are going to attend interview at the same time and place.thank you very much in advance.


      1. Hai rossy , im frm kajang , selangor . I was iv-ed at maybank hq kl . And the 3rd stage is going to be there too ((its tomorrow !!)) i got the same place as before but the time of the iv is depend on the maybank itself , wish u all the best if u make it to the next level πŸ™‚


  9. Hi sis u received call for 3rd stage interview right..congrats.. don’t mind,u are from which state?i attend second stage interview too so I would like to know whether all candidates from different states are going to attend stage 3 at the same place or not.


  10. Hi sis all the best for your stage 3 interview..dont mind asking you,which state are you from?i attend stage 2 interview too.i would like to know whether all the candidates that have been chosen will attend stage 3 interview at the same time and place.


  11. did you know how many maybank sponsored for overseas programme starting from pre u until undegraduate degree?
    do maybank only send to kyuem and taylor college for its a level programme? or is there any other pre u programme like ausmat/sam/adp for countries other than the uk? i believe maybank send their students to taylors and intec for australian programme?


    1. Hey there, im currently doing my pre u and its approx 65 ppl, not sure how many altogether cmbined with undergraduate degree.

      Since maybank also offers local scholarship, they do send their stndts to other colleges as well, and yes theres other crses like ausmat and stuffs, depending on which country u applied for. Yup they send their stndts to taylors n intec as well.


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