Universiti Teknologi Petronas Educamp 2015 (UTP EduCamp 2015)

Utp educamp

2:30 pm

– register at canselor hall

🔸time beratur nak daftar faci akan bagi group

– basically dia akan randomly bagi group tag so chances for you to be in the same group with ur friend sama mcm chances anis nk jumpa nini dekat utp tu 😉

🔸 lepas daftar straight naik canselor hall and duduk ikut group and dengar taklimat pasal utp dan educamp- roughly around 30 mins

3:00 pm

🔸the faci will bring you to the respective computer lab.

🔸first buat CPSQ test ( cambridge personal style questionnaire)

– test yg dia tanya ‘i like to challenge myself by setting difficult goals to achieve’ kind of questions lps tu jawab strongly agree/agree/disagree.

🔸second is TSA test (thinking skill assessment)

– 40 objective questions, boleh guna scientific calculator, two type of questions (1)thinking skill (2)problem solving. (aku tak suka soalan ni sbb susah so haziq zuraini bagi jawapan terus kahkahkah)

🔸third VCA test (verbal communication assessment)

– a very quick and simple interview. Either faci yg interview hg ataupun lecturer.

Soalan yg dia tanya mcm what do you know about gst? /

how to promote green technology to the citizen? /

facebook or twitter and why? /

mcm mana nk kurangkan traffic jam?.

– interview ni dia buat dalam comp lab tu jugak dekat meja lecturer depan tu. siapa dh siap the previous two test and dah ready nk interview just straight away pergi dpn. Interview dia tak lebih 5 min sbb dia just nak dengar hang boleh speaking ke dak dan tak gagap.


By Anis Aqilah Roslan ex Kuparian

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