TESL Interview

So , this is for you guys who are interested in applying for foundation of tesl .

So firstly , there are two sessions of interview . One is in the morning while another one is in the afternoon . My interview started at 2 so i have plenty time to prepare but my heart went crazy cause its my first time and this is for my future .

We are required to wear appropriate attire for the interview meaning shirt with tie for boys and baju kurung or formal wear for the girls . And so , we were waiting to be called for our first test which are the writing test

This writing test have two sections which are the objective questions and the essay question . You have one hour to answer this test . My hands were really shaking as it has been a long time since i hold a pen . I remember the question for my essay test which is what are the criteria for your dream university . Seriously , my head just went blank at that time cause i haven’t been writing an essay in ages . We were also being seated by using our panel number . There , i could see so many people who were as nervous as me .

After we had finished with our test , we were required to follow the person in charge to the room where we will be interviewed . I was the seventh in line . At first , everyone was quiet but after five minutes , it seems that we all have known each other for a really long time . Like a clique . We were talking and laughing while nervously waiting for our turn . And soon the bell rang which means my time is here . Only God knows how nervous i am at that time but i just went in with my head held high and high confidence level .

When i entered the room , there were two panels . One is a malay lecturer and another is a chinese lecturer . Both are women . So , i gave them my portfolios and my resume for them to look on as they ask me questions . As you guys know , the first question would be , ” tell me something about yourself . ” so i literally talk non-stop about myself which is good because then , it will give them no question to fail you guys . Haha . You don’t have to use bombastic words , just be yourself and be true . I spesifically BANNED you from LYING . cause this will only make it harder . As for asi concern , there are no general knowledge questions asked but just read about them cause you’ll never know what they might asked you .

After that , they give us a random question just to see if you guys are spontaneous or not . My question was , ” do you think a female teacher make a better educator than male teacher ?” So i just answered what pop out of my head at that time . And then , at the end of the interview , we are required to ask questions to the panels , make sure you use this opportunity wisely . Then a bell was rung which means the end of my session and for other people to be interviewed .

My tips for you is that make friends with the people who are in your group . You never know if they would be in the same university as you so use this opportunity to widen your circle of friend . I know i did . So , goodluck to you and may you achieved you dreams . Hope to meet you soon .

By Aliah Yamin, TESL Student

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