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My decent UK 🇬🇧 Room Tour


but here I am writing another post for my blog. Gosh, this thing is so addictive. In my previous post, I did say I was going to show you guys an updated version of my room, after all the cleaning and re-arranging processes, so voila!, here we are!

Have you  ever seen a blog version of room tour? Me neither. I am always on Youtube watching people’s updated room tour, and believe me, mine isn’t gonna be as fancy as theirs hahaha.

Do you know that sometimes you get this really good vibe about a room the moment you enter it? That’s exactly what I felt about my room, not because it’s perfect, it’s just for how it is. I definitely miss the one that I have in Malaysia!

My queen sized bed

This is what you’ll see when you enter the room, my queen sized bed(or double bed? whatever you prefer to call it). I really loved the color combination. I purposely went for a white duvet(a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fibre, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets) cover, because I do not fancy printed covers. I also love the design of the bed runner, it is simple yet it blends in well.


Opposite of the bed, I have this medium sized clothing rack which is seriously useful.

Most of the times, I hang my laundry here and sometimes when I feel energized to be much more organized, I hang all of my winter/summer coats here because I brought a lot of them from Malaysia and they do not fit in the closet.

I am not sure if you can spot it in this picture but next to the clothing rack is an Ikea study lamp, which is given by my Dad, I love the fact that it is white, so it matches perfectly well with everything.


Next to my bed, I have my decent sized study table. Normally, it is not this neat, so please know that I cleaned it for the sake of this blog post 🤣


I got my calendars all sorted out up until December this year, because I am a forgetful person, mind me. I also pasted my syllabus outline just in case I lost track of what I learned and what am I going to learn next.

That really cute large mug(I don’t really know if this correct) is from Whittard of Chelsea, which is a really cool place for fancy teas and coffees.

(You can click on the link to check out their website!) Their products gets really cheap when it is on offer.

Moving on to my favorite place in my room! I honestly have a bunch of asian cosmetics that I brought all the way from home, thus I do not plan to buy a lot from here, but I did buy some(duh, I am a shopaholic woman, help me).

I brought that tissue cover from Malaysia, it was from my sister’s wedding.

The right photo consists of all the makeups that I wear on a daily basis. I stopped wearing foundation for few weeks now, because I realized that it clogged my pores so badly that I got a lot of acne afterwards(even when I put primer/moisturiser on beforehand).

So now, I just wear some brow products, sunscreen and lipstick! Gosh I feel much more comfortable.

My skin feel so much better without foundation! But I do plan to wear them when I have big events, just to make a full formal look on me.


Next to my window, I have a bunch of cute stuffs just to make it not look too empty and dull. Those pictures are from weddings I went to right before I came to the UK, so it is still kinda new.


I got those red candles from Ikea for £2 if I am not mistaken, and they smell amazing, trust me! That tea jug is from my mom, she got it from a Carboot Sale in Portsmouth.

It is getting really cold now here in Southampton but whenever I wake up in the morning, I always open up my window for a while just to let the fresh air circulates in the room because the room can get really stuffy in the morning.


Bought this from Primark as a perfume for my room, and I don’t regret doing that because my room smells so good from it.

But I guess this was kinda expensive but I was desperate on finding the perfect perfume, so do comment if you have any suggestion for room spray!


If you know me from highschool, you are probably used to the fact that I constantly change my bags!, and I got a heap amount of them.

I just tucked them here, because I couldn’t bother thinking of arranging it nicely, lol. My favorite is the Reebok bag because it is so adventurous and I can just sumbat anything I want to bring inside without it getting bulgy.

So here is the last part of my room, this cute closet. I got that ‘One Week Plan’ from my friend, which I should probably use, but I haven’t started doing so……

If you are planning to move to the UK, you probably shouldn’t bring this much of clothes like what I did because my closet can’t fit any more additional clothes.

I brought like 6 coats with me, and some jumpers. Wanted to make the arrangement of my clothes color coordinated but it is not a success, as you can see.

I just brought a good amount of hijab with me, and those are the one I took from my sister, hehehe.(that’s what sisters are for)

Thanks for reading, till then, XX.

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