Weekend in Southampton πŸ’–


I started my Sunday with a morning jog, about 5 km around my neighborhood just to make my last day of weekend this week much more effective.





You didn’t think I was serious, do you? Haha. I was just joking! That beautiful picture was taken by my friend, earlier this morning, while she was on her way to the university library. Obviously, I started my morning with by lazy-ing around..

I honestly had a hard time trying to put into words what I did today, because it was so fun, and so memorable, at least for me 😜

My housemates and I decided to go for a picnic at Southampton Common today. Southampton Common is a beautiful park near our house, which has a playground and a freaking beautiful lake! We wanted to celebrate our friend’s birthday in advance, and the mesmerizing place definitely became a plus point for the occasion.

Found a bench perfect for a picture!
We found a cool playground and decided to have our picnic at one of the tables there.


Things we bought from Tesco lol

All of these tastes so good! We brought Cod Fishcakes(it’s appearance is a little bit of a mess because I ruined it hahaha), strawberry trifles, iced doughnuts and chocolate & vanila cheesecake(which was amazing).


Took a few pictures while we were at the park.


After that, we went ICE SKATING!!! It was at West Quay, and it costs us Β£11.50(approximately equals to MYR 63) for each person.  This is my first time skating, and I have to say, that it was a whole lot of fun. 10/10 would want to do it again. 50% of the time I was just holding on to the rail because I was so not confident on skating by my own, but towards the end,  I kinda improved myself(with the help of my friend)…..though not very much still haha πŸŒžπŸ˜†


Later on today, my friend and I went to watch Flatliners movie at the university cinema for only Β£3(we got an early bird ticket, this is about MYR16.50). It was our first time to the cinema and we enjoyed the movie so much. I screamed for a few times throughout the movie. You guys should definitely try watching it! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
And that’s how we spent our weekend. I am so sleepy right now, hope you guys like this post! Kinda indulging you guys with pictures this time around, will write more soon.


How did you spend your weekend?


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