I screamed my heart out

Nothing is better than a random weekend getaway to London….and screaming your heart out during a roller coaster ride!

For no obvious reasons, my friend(Read : Puterin) and I decided to go to London last weekend, and we had the best weekend of our life(minus the long and never ending walking!).

01 December 2017

We started our journey on Friday, boarded the National Express bus to Victoria Coach Station in the afternoon, and arrived in London at around 5pm local time.


When we arrived, it was freezing cold but the journey was smooth Alhamdulillah. We parted ways at the Victoria Coach Station as we were going to spend our nights in London separately 😦  I went to Kings Cross Station, where Dania(my college friend) was waiting for me(aww such a sweet girl, I owe you a lot!).

I brought a luggage with me so it was kinda inconvenient to move around with it, therefore I decided to left it at my friend’s house, at which I stayed at for the whole weekend(bless you guys!) before I continue my plan for the night.

Our(read : me and Dania) first stop for the night was a casual meet up with my ex high school senior, Izz Yusuf at a nearby cafe. If I were to describe Izz in one word, it would be incredible because that’s what she really is.

From a recent graduation in the US, to a Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship and then enrolling for a program of Master in Psychology at UCL, she has definitely gained a lot of accomplishments! We didn’t really have a proper conversation when we were in high school because I was that nerdy and insecure girl who didn’t have enough courage to come up and talk to her 😜.

She, on the other hand was the confident and always top in the class kinda girl, phew 😍. We had a quick but funny catch up session together with Dania, sharing about things we were up to now, and how we deal with our new life. It ended with a quick photo session!

Quick family photo


Pretty girls!

Dania and I then proceeded to the highlight of our night, which is the Winter Wonderland! We laughed a lot and had the best time of our night here, thanks to the roller coaster ride 🀣. We arrived at WW at around 08:45pm and straight away bought churros because we were so hungry!

We met a few of our college friends, but didn’t manage to take any pictures together, because we were rushing for our ride lol. The ride was….crazy for me, but funny for Dania! She started screaming even when the ride hasn’t even started 😌(okay tapi I teruk lagi, I mengaku haha). I was so nervous, so I totally forgot to keep my beanie, and instead I was wearing it at the start of the ride.

Halfway through the ride, I realized it flew away, because of the crazy wind. I was frantically running my hands on my head, because I realized it wasn’t there anymore. It was then that I heard the guy behind me said “I have your hat!(while laughing)”. Thank you πŸ˜­πŸ’―

All these pictures ; credit to my friends, Puterin & Dini.


You take such great pictures, Dini.


Our roller coaster ride!


Never riding you ever again!!
tamak =.=

That smile!

Banana & Nutella crepe
Makan pun cantik
That happy smile
Pretty as always!


02 December 2017

We started our day with a brunch at a really cute, small, but classy Korean restaurant near Oxford Street called Seoul Bakery. My friend, Dini suggested the place because she had tried it before with her friends, and they loved it.The wall was filled with signatures and warm wishes from previous customers who visited the place, and it looked so pretty to me. I ordered Kimchi fried rice(Β£5.50) and it tasted fabulous! Puterin and Dini on the other hand ordered Ramyeon(kan? lol).

After we were done eating, we went to visit the merchandise store downstairs, which was filled with gifts from popular Kpop bands, like EXO, BTS and Twice(and many more!), but it was so expensive.

Pretty Dini



Kimchi Fried Rice


Tbh I have no idea who Jimin is

The rest of the day was honestly just us walking along the Oxford Street, shopping and playing around lol. There were so many people, but we managed to hang on to each other. There was a sad but funny story that happened to us, halfway through our journey, when we walked out of one of the shops, it was snowing outside! We got so happy, but we also secretly doubt if it was a real snow. It turned out, that it was a fake snow from one of the shops, sabar Dini πŸ˜‚.

Muka happy shopping


Selfie at random shop, things we do lol
Busy woman
Do you think this suits her?
Or this?
Loved this!

After the adventurous walk we went through, we decided to have our dinner at Roti King, a really really popular restaurant for their Roti Canai(say it right! haha). We met two of our college friends here(but we don’t have picture of them unfortunately, sorry Bakul & Dobbs!), waited for about 20 minutes just to get our seats in the restaurant but the food was worth the wait though. I had Roti Telur(Β£3.50) while my friends had Roti Pisang and Roti Canai(Β£5 for 2). I love the interior design of this shop!

The wall though!
Ft Dobbs’ teh tarik
Dinner with you πŸ™‚

03 December 2017

We have to go back at around 11am from the Victoria Coach Station so there wasn’t much that we did in London for this day, considering the fact that I also woke up late that morning hehe! We decided to go and take a picture at this lovely bakery shop, Peggy Porschen Cakes. They changed the decoration of the entrance of the bakery as it is approaching Christmas now, and it was so beautiful I feel like bringing them back to Southampton, haha! There was even a long line in front of the bakery, phew.

I personally love this photo
And this one too
Okay…I might as well like this one too!
Fine…you can photobomb us…



The decoration itself!!

And before we even realize it, it is already time to go back πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Thanks London & everyone who is a part of this weekend journey πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§!

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