Dublin, my city of 💖 !

      I have always wanted to come back to Dublin, always! For some reason, this city has a special place in my heart, and I also really wanted to meet my long lost friend (who now studies Medicine in Dublin) which I haven’t met for 3 years (that’s too long for me!), so I told myself, what a perfect combination, I should really make this real man.

Thus, off I went to Dublin with my friends for a trip I never thought will turn out to be so magical and memorable.


27th Dec 2017

            I arrived in Dublin on the morning of 27th Dec 2017, looking all sleepy and totally lack of sleep due to an early morning flight at 6am from Southampton. But despite this, inside I was so pumped up, like OMG I am going to DUBLINNNN, a foreign country ON MY OWN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! (My friends departed from Scotland so we decided to meet in Dublin instead).

       Travelling alone has always been on my bucket list, and I am always up for new challenges. Fast forward, we arrived and got on the AirCoach Bus (directbus from Dublin Airport), which was super comfy. We missed our stop because we thought the driver would announce it, so we had to walk 30mins in the cold weather to meet Ake, my Dublin friend, which was funny but dramatically amazing lol.

           The first day in Dublin was all about touring around the city centre and trying out some really SWEET STUFFS which I actually really liked! We had a 6EURO Kebab in a really popular place which my friend recommended for our lunch, the portion was really generous. After lunch we went to this really popular souvenir shop, which has several branches all over the city centre, called Carroll’s.

   When I walked in, I was like OH MY GOD I WANT EVERYTHING IN THIS SHOP???! but of course I had to be realistic so I only bought some baby clothes for my nephew which are super super cute and also some fridge magnets(eh terbanyak pulak).

         My friend bought the really famous Murphy’s Ice Cream which tasted amazing and had a really cool interior design for their shop. I really really wanted to try the Butler’s Hot Chocolate, so I bought one, but there was some technical errors so I ended up with a White Hot Chocolate instead, and boy I think I got lucky because it turned out that I loveeee the White Choc more than the Hot Choc.

The White Choc is sweeter than the Hot Choc anyway! We also visited(well, kinda) the Dublin Castle on this day, but because we arrived a bit late, the castle was already closed so I only took pictures outside of the castle.

First sunny picture in Dublin
At the airport

Murphy’s Ice Cream
My fav!!
city centre
At the Dublin Castle
In front of Madina Mosque

28th Dec 2017 

         The next day was really tiring but extra fun! My friend decided to bring us to Howth, which is about 20-30 mins by bus from the Dublin City Centre. Howth is a small fishing village below the hilly headland at the northern boundary of Dublin Bay.

This place is so pretty yet so cold, we were literally shivering while we were there but I honestly think it was all worth it because we get to witness such amazing view SubhanAllah. If you are planning to come here, wear layers of clothes, and thick boots/shoes, because your feet will be shivering too, no kidding.

I wore extra layers so my body was not that cold but my feet was extremely cold. I personally hated hiking (LOL), but for such scenery, Imma do anything!!

      After a few hours of hiking, and extra more hours of taking pictures along the way(seriously, we need more hours for pictures), we walked down the hill to this really small town, to try out the famous seafood at this restaurant called Crabby Jo’s. I had Fish & Chips and it is honestly the best F&C I have ever tasted.

Their crab burger is also a popular meal, the whole thing is quite pricey, but the it is worth it considering the scrumptious taste of it.

Solat with a spectacular view!
I miss this Red Coat girl 🙂
The whole girl squad
Bringing Malaysia to the top!

with the ever so kind and generous tour guide hehe
me again. im pretty sure you guys are already so tired of me by now.
my travel partner ❤

The Sun was so generous in Dublin!!
We are the view
Again, we are the view.
Fish and Chips for EUR12

29th Dec 2017

       After a really tiring trip, we decided to give it a break and chill out on the next day. We started our day quite late, strolled around University College Dublin’s compound area, which was so pretty and spacious!! Took pictures, played with swans and birds near the lake. Trinity College was our next stop, met our other friend here, took really cool pictures too.

Oh and I also went for lunch at a senior’s house, they served us with Nasi Kandar and Chocolate Moist Cake ( are you kidding me….. its my fav!). On the evening, we went to Dundrum to watch Pitch Perfect 3, this has to be a memorable memory for me man, my first ever movie in Dublin.

I am not gonna blog spoilers for this movie, so let us just leave it there haha.

Takut ke tu?

30th Dec 2017

         The Giant Causeway was LIT. This place consists of interlocking basalt columns which was a result of an ancient volcanic eruption(Wikipedia, 2018). We went on a tour by Darby O’Gill which costs each of us EUR40, took the bus early in the morning at the city centre.

It is situated in Belfast, which is in the northern of Ireland, so the ongoing journey took us about 3 hours (we slept so much in the bus). I personally feel so thankful I actually went for this particular trip because so many magical things happened, we saw double rainbows, witnessed the vast sea and tasted this really yummy Strawberry Pavlova!

During this trip, we had several stops, at the Giant Causeway, the Rope Bridge(which unfortunately was closed so we couldn’t go across it) and the Game of Thrones stuffs. Only pictures can show how much we had fun here.

The rope bridge

I had no idea how this place is popular but yea Games of Thrones

Overall, this trip is super amazing. What did I do to deserve such amazing friends? To everyone who sheltered us, helped us, fed us, put up with me being a sleepy head, thank you so much!

omg Aina, am I that pretty sampai nak tenung?

p/s :   All pictures credit to my friends.


   I am not always brave, there are things I am afraid to try, and skills I am not sure I actually have.

That is the main reason why I really love travelling, because it will make me try out new things, meet new people(which I usually only see on Instagram duh), walk a lot(which I don’t normally do in Southampton lol) and see the most amazing things on Earth made by God. If you have a chance to travel, save some money and do it.

      It can be places close to where you live, common places that others have been to (who cares?), but the real deal is, get out of the comfort zone.

You will only understand and know yourself better when you TRY OUT NEW THINGS. Because how else are you gonna be able to do so?  We are capable of doing so many more things that we haven’t really try.

      2017 was a year of ‘trying out new things’ for me, it kills me internally because getting out of the comfort zone is an obvious BIG STEP but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I am so pumped up to try out even more new things for 2018, here are the two new things I have as of now,

  1. Try out vlogging!
  2. Visit 7 new countries.

What are the new things that you want to try out for 2018? Share with me, comment down below! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Dublin, my city of 💖 !

  1. Amazing dublin indeed , have not been to dublin actually….like travelling too , southern island of new zealand absolutely beautiful & amazing scenery….


      1. Queenstown is beautiful , rotorua park & the rest of it is just history , of all the place I just can ‘t forget portsmouth , the place where I graduated some years ago….enjoy travelling !!


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