Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, Japan ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

*brushes dusts off my blog*

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since my last post, you probably think this blog is dead. I have been trying to find motivation to start writing again, but it took me so long to convince myself to actually do it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Since January, lots of things have happened in my life, I traveled to 5 countries in a span of 4 months(how crazy is that?!), finished my finals and Alhamdulillah received good results for it, and I am here now in Malaysia!

I will have to make another post about my summer break in Malaysia as a whole because I love it so much, my heart doesn’t feel like going back to the UK ๐Ÿ˜ข

So…where do I start? Of all the places I’ve been to, Japan have got to be best yet so far. I love everything about Japan..(well Tokyo I should say but it doesn’t matter!!) though I know I was there for only few days I wasn’t even able to see other parts of Japan, but let’s be real, you kind of see the bigger picture of a country when you visit their capital city(as far as I always believe!).

If there is one thing you really need to know about Japan, is that they really REALLY reALLy LOVEย queueing up for literally everything! I mean, I have always heard about their good discipline and politeness, that most of them would queue up before boarding the public trains, but when I saw them queueing up for the LIFT, boy I was shook. There was even a staff worker, pressing the lift buttons for everyone in a freaking MALL, also making sure that no one cuts the line(which in most cases, nobody does duh). My tourguide told me that even when there is a road accident, nobody honks or does anything. Everyone’s usually queueing up with their cars, waiting for the police to come and sort the issue. Nobody complains…

How cool is that?!

But of course, every country has their pros and cons, and Im just stating the pros that I realized. ^^

Let’s get to what I actually did in Japan, my highlights of the whole trip.

We went on a joined tour with ARBA Travel & Tours with a few other families. The individual package that we took was about RM5000+ for an adult which is quite reasonable as compared to other travel agencies.

The whole group

Our hotel is at Kamata District which is about 15mins by train to the centre of Tokyo. And there were so many things to explore in Kamata(tax free shop, Can Do, Daiso and so many more) which is so convenient because we wouldn’t want to travel for small shoppings. On our first day, we visited Gotemba Premium Outlet, which I would say probably resemble JPO in Malaysia. Its freaking huge, but all the branded items are mostly so much higher than in Malaysia. Its probably double the normal price in the UK! Which explains….CRAZY RICH ASIANS.


Most of the time, we had Indian food (which is called Indo by the Japanese, I was confused I thought they meant Indonesian food ๐Ÿ˜†) for lunch, which is great! I had too much kebabs in the UK therefore I definitely opted for rice and bread. One of the restaurants we dined at is Aladdin Indo Restaurant. It is quite small for big groups, but the menu is good, though I think it’s quite on a higher end because everything is so finely served.

On one of the nights, I ate Bento(for the first time!!) for dinner, and I loved it! I guess they have different kinds of Bento, this is the one that I had. I didn’t eat the vegetables though haha. The salmon, rice and the beans were so good, rasa macam orang Jepun sebab pakai chopsticks hehe.

My favorite meal of the whole trip is the Wagyu Beef Yaikiniku. Seriously so good! We ate this for dinner, and I was so full until the next day. The portion was quite big, and everyone gets one set each. You kind of feel like you’re in Korea, eating by the streets, just like in the dramas, because you have to cook the meat yourselves. #goshstopitfatini.

Cooking the Wagyu beef
A set for dinner!
Even kids get a set too. And cute forks for them ๐Ÿ˜

Apart from Wagyu, of course we tried the ever amazing Japanese sushi, and I will have to be honest, they taste nothing like the ones in Malaysia(of course, right? haha). We had it at Origami Asakusa, right after we finished shopping at the famous Nakamise Street. Our tour guide gave us two options for this lunch, to either eat sushi or chicken pot(which is like meatballs soup but in a boiled claypot), I chose sushi because this will be the only time I am ever gonna taste it, and boy I didn’t regret it at all!


What is better than a future museum? An amused me. Miraikan which literally means Future Museum(Mirae being “future”), is so good, especially if you’re into science and medicine!!! We didn’t get to spend a lot of time there though because we were rushing to eat our lunch, but all in all, its a good place if you have an ample amount of time.

On the day that we went to Shibuya, we stopped by at Cami Mosque which is a Turkish Islamic Centre, and mashaAllah it’s so pretty! The interior design is spectacular. I was panting because there so many stairs leading to the prayer area LOL.

But all in all, I respect the muslims working at the Islamic Centre because they were so approachable! There were so many non-Muslim tourists coming in to the mosque, and yet all the ‘pakcik serbans’ were so welcoming, answering everyone’s questions and letting them took pictures. On this day,ย We also visited the famous Shibuya Crossing. There were so many people and yet it doesn’t feel too packed haha. I guess because everyone has their own personal space, so they don’t really bump into strangers.

Streets in Shibuya
Cami Mosque
Cami Mosque
Cami Mosque
Cami Mosque
Trip to Tokyo Tower


Have you ever felt so happy seeing something, you actually smiled unknowingly?? That’s me everytime I bump into any 100-yen stores. The stores that I visited were Can-Do, Daiso and Seria. I didn’t take lots of pictures of cute things I found at these stores(wish I did!!). The price is about RM 3.70 excluding the tax which is so affordable and cray crayyyy.

For souvenir shopping, my family mostly bought everything at either any tax free stores(in Shibuya, Harajuku or Kamata), or in Asakusa, specifically Nakamise Street. My tourguide showed us this particular shop in Asakusa which has the best price as there were so many shops selling almost the same products.

Tokyo Skytree as the background!

For this trip, we had one day of free and easy which means there were no activities provided. We opted to go to Harajuku by train as its only about 15mins away from our Hotel. Japan is amazingly famous for their fast and efficient public transport, and they deserve it because despite we travelled with kids, it was so smooth!

It was quite hard to buy tickets at first, because there were 11 of us altogether, and we’ve never done this before and the maps on the station is in Japanese…..^^, but we figured. Thanks Google Translate!

Harajuku is famous for their teen fashion brands, and also crepe. I tried Mango Cream Crepe, it was lovely.

At LINE shop


All in all, this whole 6 days 5 nights Tokyo trip is a gem for all of us. Definitely coming again, phew ๐Ÿ˜›.

You had me at first glance, Tokyo โค๏ธ

4 thoughts on “Ohaiyo Gozaimasu, Japan ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

  1. Wahh!! Nice la tini! Your writing is so good like almost I hear your are giving a speech.
    Btw, aku terkejut kau kata dkat Gotemba hrga dia almost double dkat UK. Aku pergi Gotemba awal bulan 8 and masa tu ada summer sale. Seriously, hrga drop gila2 and aku rsa dkat situ je paling murah berbanding tmpat lain.
    Nnti dtg travel osaka pulak. Haha


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