Isle of Wight β˜”️

We’ve always wanted to go to Isle of Wight and discover what the hype is all about, it has always been our dreams!

But the day we finally step our foot on the island, a stormy rain came by but despite all of that, we still had so much fun!

My sister and I departed to Isle of Wight from Portsmouth Harbour which is closer to her house, but you can also opt to go from Southampton and it’s totally fine to do that! We booked the 0830 ferry and the journey was about 45 minutes. Our ticket costs about Β£58.

The whole ferry thingy reminded us so much of Penang(our ‘kampung’ 🀀) because if our father drives us to Penang, he would opt to use the ferry so that we can take pictures and enjoy the sea! But the only difference was that here, it is quite systematic in the sense that you ahve to have the barcode of your electronic ticket to get into the ferry and there is even a specific lane for you to queue up with your car.

And in Penang, you can just sleep in your car throughtout the journey(which I absolutely love because I get motion sickness if I stand outside too long), but for Wightlink, which is the ferry that we took, all car passengers have to leave their cars, and hang out at the designated lounge, and the lounge is super luxurious and pretty too!

They even have Costa in the lounge 🀀

Our first stop was the Amazon World Zoo which was pretty decent for us. An adult ticket costs about Β£11.50 and you will even get a free 7 days return to the zoo. Tapi tak sempat la I nak datang balik in 7 days πŸ˜…

It had already started drizzling by this time but we managed to see all the animals!

There was one tame bird who came near us and started pecking on my sister’s shoes, and I was so scared I literally ran away….duh such an animal lover I am 🀣

Tired and already feeling sleepy, we headed to try out the best scones in Isle of Wight, at Chessell Pottery Cafe! While typing this out, I cam still remember the taste of the amazing cream and jam 😭 it is so good, even the tea catched my attention! My sister ordered Cortado to try it out because she is a coffee lover, but I ended finishing it up for her because it was too bitter and she couldn’t take it HAHA.

I am not a coffee lover but I drink it just to know what different coffee tastes like and to make me feel wide awake because I am the queen of feeling sleepy…


The Needles was supposed to be our highlight of the journey πŸ˜‚ but because of the weather we just took lots and lots of pictures!

There is a souvenir shop that sells pretty decent The Needles fridge magnets, grab them if you are a fan of these stuffs 😍 they have bath bombs too!!

And that concludes the whole amazing day, I love going to these kind of places, because it reminds you that Allah is so powerful that he created such amazing scenery and by that I and everyone else should be more thankful of him 😊

I will definitely come again during the summer to see your beauty, Isle of Wight πŸ’š

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