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Theme Park with Bestfriend (Thorpe Park)

I went to Winter Wonderland last year with D(my friend), we only went on one ride and that was a really lowkey roller coaster, but we ended up laughing our asses off because I looked extremely funny on the screen(where they showed pictures of you where you’re at the edge of the roller coaster cliff) and that was when I vowed that I would never ride roller coaster again (sbb i malu!!!).

But, who am I kidding. We decided to go to a theme park again, and this time it’s the ever so cool Thorpe Park which is located in Staines.

And it was the coolest idea ever.

I booked the tickets few days earlier, and there is a student price for it, we got it for £20(RM108) each which is a reasonable price because we get unlimited one day access to almost 30 rides at the park.

D’s house is in London, so I decided to sleepover at her house a day before our trip just so we can hang out longer (cewah sweet kan i).

On the day itself, we took a direct South Western Railway train from London Waterloo to Staines which was about 30 mins. We then took the 950 Express Bus which is a shuttle bus to Thorpe Park. It costs us about £3.70 for a return ticket.

The bus journey was about 15 minutes. Upon arriving at Thorpe Park, i swear to God we were so nervous. Nervous level macam nak ambik exam tau, because both of us are cowards LOL. Tapi I paling penakut la.

All in all, I think we went on like 7-8 rides. I screamed on all rides, even the simple ones HAHA. I can never go on themepark dates, my partner is gonna be scared of me 😂

Our first ride

There was this funny moment where we accidentally queued up for the front row of a roller coaster ride (Nemesis Inferno), I started panicking, and said I wanted to sit somewhere at the back but ended up all the back seats were full so I went back in front and just sit. D kept on saying sorry to me because she saw my pale face 😂 But we both ended up loving the ride cause it was so enjoyable and not as scary as I imagined it would be HAHA.

Us in front of the entrance!

2 hours after we got inside, D started saying she was super tired and wanted to go back HAHA hell no. We gonna finish this.

We took breaks in between. My favorite ride was The Swarm, D’s was The Colossus. I mean, we both love both of these tapi I like roller coaster where your legs are hanging out so that’s why. The Colossus has like 10 loops, it was awesome.

The Swarm

I wanted a teddy bear, so we went on to try the game where you have to score a goal for a basketball ish game for a teddy bear. I am BAD at sports okay, so of course I didnt manage to get a goal 😂 D scored and gave the teddy to me.

If you’re ever coming here,

1) Arrive early, possibly before the park even opens. We arrive 40 minutes before the park open and there were so many people.

2) Book tickets in advance online. It’s cheaper and easier. Yo can just scan the ticket’s barcode at the entrance.

3) Bring food and mineral water, you’ll get super hungry mid way of all these rides.

4) Try out the extreme rides earlier in the day, rather than waiting until afternoon. It gets super busy, and the rides turns out to not be as scary as it seems to be. We waited 1 hour for The Collosus because we went on it in the evening(super scared to go there awal awal)

Overall, we had a great day 💕 I love trying out new things, yesterday was the day I decided to be adventurous and Im glad I did.

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