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My Maybank Internship

I haven’t been writing in this blog for quite some time now, such a lazy writer now *sigh. This summer, I decided to fill up my time by doing a summer internship at a bank in London, and I just finished two days ago. Time flies real fast ain’t it!

This internship lasted for about 2 months and I would have to say that those 2 months were amazing and delightful for me (except the part where I had to get up early every morning 😂). The reason I am writing this blog post is so that years from now, I can read this again and remember how grateful I was for the fact that I had the opportunity to do  internship and I want to also remember how I felt during my first day of internship.

On the first day, like every other interns, I was anxious as hell. I woke up super early; around 6am, got ready one hour earlier than I should haha. While I was getting ready, these questions kept swirling in my mind,

“Am I gonna be okay?”

“What if I make lots of mistakes?”

“What if I don’t understand any new terms?! I don’t wanna seem stupid.”

“What if I seem awkward socialising with my colleagues?! They’re not gonna think I’m weird right….”

When I arrived, I was introduced to my other intern-mates, got to know them for a bit and then was also introduced to everyone in the room. Throughout this whole internship, my boss was super nice to me, bless her! Instead of feeling stupid, nervous, and anxious about doing my day-to-day job, I felt like everyday was a learning pace for me, I was not afraid to ask any ‘stupid’ questions and it was definitely a worthwhile experience.

I learnt to work under pressure (though I seriously think real job definitely has a lot more pressure than what I put under, acah 😂), how to socialise with my colleague (duh), and how to be more greedy in gaining knowledge! But more than anything, I learnt to be confident in what I do, which is so so important 🥰

If you know me really well, I really love to sleep. If I don’t pick up calls/don’t reply messages for hours, it is most probably because I am sleeping. During the first 2 weeks of this internship, I would go back home straight after work and slept at around 7-8pm until the next morning, haha. It wasn’t even that tiring! *duh.

Either way, whatever you did during this summer, I hope it brings happiness to all of you, because what I did definitely made me happy and content with my life ❤️

Till then.


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