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My 2019 Maybank Internship

I haven't been writing in this blog for quite some time now, such a lazy writer now *sigh. This summer, I decided to fill up my time by doing a summer internship at a bank in London, and I just finished two days ago. Time flies real fast ain't it! This internship lasted for about… Continue reading My 2019 Maybank Internship


Isle of Wight â˜”️

We've always wanted to go to Isle of Wight and discover what the hype is all about, it has always been our dreams! But the day we finally step our foot on the island, a stormy rain came by but despite all of that, we still had so much fun! My sister and I departed… Continue reading Isle of Wight â˜”️


What I am missing out

As I write this post, I am sleeping next to my mom, in a room together with my cousins(they're having a sleepover because my aunt is not around). I realized that ever since I started Miracle(quite a few years ago), I haven't been really personal or open about my feelings. Am leaving Malaysia in less… Continue reading What I am missing out


First Month in UK ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§

Salam everyone! It has been one month since I arrived in the UK(God it felt like years now!!), but I haven't properly share my experience here.  I got some free time now, thus I thought this can be a good time to write in this blog, which I truly miss to be honest.  Generally, my… Continue reading First Month in UK ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§